Recharging at Conferences

I find conferences as a time to recharge.  You get new ideas.  You make new connections with people.  You also may see some old friends.   I enjoy conferences a lot.  What I enjoy about conferences is not only hearing people research, I also enjoy hearing talks on their stories.  How did they get here?  What inspires them?  We are not robots in the laboratory we are people.  A part of being human is having stories.   I truly find these stories insightful, and inspirational.

I got two opportunities two hear people stories at the ACS conference this week.  One was the Chemist with Disabilities symposium.  I heard how people overcame, and mentored others.  Making chemistry more accessible to all is a passion of mine.  These stories of how we can do this and the benefits of being inclusive are good for us all to hear.

The second story I heard was the keynote speaker at the Minority affairs lucheon.  It was nice to hear about Luis career track.  How he started his own outreach program and the importance of diversity to him.

I hope that everyone who goes to conferences feels recharged and regenerated with ideas.  Getting out of the laboratory for periods of time has the effect to make us more productive



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