Life is full of transitions.  We should see each step as preparing us for the next step.  We should take full advantage of each opportunity.  Important question to ask your self, where do you see yourself in 3 months, a year, 5 years.  Your plans may not turn out the way you thought but having a target and something to work for is important.  It helps you to prepare.  Do you see yourself doing mostly research in 5 years?  How can you prepare for that?  Do you want to lead a group?  What skill sets do people who currently lead group have and what things do you need to work on?  What skills do you need to gain and how do you want to acquire them?  When you start thinking in these terms you can start planing for your future.  You can gear how you do research, your undergraduate career, graduate career and post doc towards your future.  You then have a direction.  Things don’t feel willy-neely.  You feel like you are working towards something.  Want to work in industry find internships, or ask to shadow a chemist in industry.  Want to work in academia do undergraduate research for more than a semester.  Talk to graduate students, postdocs and your professors.



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