Get Involved

Look for opportunities to help others and do service activities.  Try to find your niche.  I believe in our science community we are suppose to help each other.  We all have different talents and passions.  Try to find something that merges both for you.


Do you like teaching be a science coach for local teachers through the AACT and ACS.


Enjoy editing review abstracts for a conference


Like organization, organize an event behind the scenes.


Have something you are passionate about like more women in science or inclusion issues join a committee.  Either a local committee or an ACS national one


Enjoy doing Demos join special days and weeks like chemistry week

Enjoy mentoring: mentor those who are coming up from where you just left

There are a lot of ways to get involved.  There’s programs like Skype a scientist or write a scientist for school aged kids


I try to do one to two big things a semester.  I find giving back is rewarding



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